Parenting for Parents helps parents, like you, who are overwhelmed and want to change their children’s difficult behaviour around and gain some quality time for themselves, and their children.

Being a parent is a joy and a challenge; it can also be frustrating, exciting and isolating.

You’ve done everything you can. You’ve read books and watched the programs.

You think everyone else is doing a great job but you feel you’re doing an awful job.

Are you worn out and struggling with your children’s behaviour?

As a parent you put energy and commitment into raising your children. You may feel you want to get them to look and  behave in a certain way because other people are watching and judging you on how your children behave.

Parenting is tough enough without the world and his wife watching as well.

So you run out of energy and motivation.

You get frustrated, angry and tired.

Parenting for Parents shows you how to manage your time and helps you to reenergise, recharge and rediscover yourself.

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  • Lose the guilt about saying ‘No’
  • Put yours needs upfront
  • Make life easier for yourself

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  1. Jessie says:

    Hi, i enjoyed your post, and your right that parenting is a challenge. There is a lot of information out there on parenting but finding the right information can also be a challenge. Positive Parenting Tips