A Huge Thank You

An absolutely huge “Thank You” to all of you who helped and supported me in trying to win a scholarship for the Girl’s Guide to Web Design.

I’m very sad to say I didn’t get a place but hey ho it has spurred me on to take the plunge another time. Coding is a no-no at the moment though. Who knows what the future holds. Watch this space………….

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Asking for your help to get this amazing opportunity

I’ve just come across this site http://girlsguidetowebdesign.com and the scholarship. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity to get ‘me unleashed’.

Help me win this fabulous opportunity.  When you get to the page, http://bit.ly/girlsguidecontest scroll down to find and ‘like’ me. Pass this information on to your friends – the more votes I get the better my chances are,  the competition closes on 25th January.  A big “thank you” to you all for helping.

I work with parents to reconnect and reclaim their parenting power to help them transform their children’s difficult behaviour so they all can enjoy their family time rather than being stressed out.

I would absolutely love to win the scholarship with you to radically improve my (very poor and slow) abilities with a website. The scholarship would give me the tools and technical know how to do some amazing stuff with my website.

I want to help to transform people’s lives. How can I do that with a website that doesn’t effectively reflect what I do and how I can do it?

I feel restrained by my lack of knowledge in this area. Using code is a no-no. I’m a beginner in the basics and it has taken me an age to get there. I do basic stuff on the website and baulk at the idea of doing something different because I have to research the topic, apply it and keep my fingers and toes crossed that it works as it’s supposed to. I know there’s a lot of information out there already. In fact, too much is out there and I’m drowning in a sea of information!

I want to do more than just survive. I want to dive in fearlessly to gain knowledge, confidence and support to design my own site.
The First Class scholarship will help and support me methodically through the steps I need to do to change my present website to something I want rather than something I have to work within.

I would like to be able to create a site that reflects my personality, has all the right information and content well presented. I want to love my website, nurture it, tweak and play with it, and be confident in aspects I want to change. I want to love plug-ins and coding and get my site up to speed so it’s  awesome, inspiring and the ‘one to go to’ kind of one!

Oh dear, my one fun secret fact…….I used to skinny dip whilst on my summer holidays in Greece, and loved it! In fact, it was much easier to do that because I was already on a nudist beach! Oh dear, that’s now two secret facts……

Help me win this fabulous opportunity.  When you get to the page, http://bit.ly/girlsguidecontest scroll down to find and ‘like’ me. Pass this information on to your friends – the more votes I get the better my chances are,  the competition closes on 25th January.  A big “thank you” to you all for helping.

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10 Ways to Get Your Year Off To a Flying Start

I love to be energised and with it comes a need for organisation. I think I’ve become more organised particularly with each child I’ve had. I’ve got four children, just in case you’re wondering.

There have been times when I’ve been utterly exhausted. Too tired to move and doing anything, no matter how small,  was a real chore. When I did get to collapse in my bed, I was out like a light. Over the years I’ve refined what I’ve done and I’m very mindful about my energy levels.

Here’s how I keep my energy levels up and how it can spill over into organisation:

1. Get plenty of rest

When you get up in the morning, how do you feel? Are you sluggish and half asleep? Most people tend to get by on 5-6 hour per night instead of 8 hours. When you don’t get enough sleep you could be grumpy, irritable and reduce your ability to handle stress. Most significantly, when you’re run-down you run the risk of becoming ill. That is a big drain on your energy!

2. Drink

….and it’s water I’m talking about. Drink at least 8 pints of water a day. If you drink fizzy pop it may take a few days for you to notice a difference whilst your system readjusts. I drink a small glass of water before meals to stave off any hunger pangs. It also works when I feel – mid morning or mid afternoon.

3. Eat good food

Eat food with a low glycemic index (low GI) which means carbohydrates are broken down slowly during digestion therefore you’ll feel fuller for longer. Examples of low GI foods are brown rice, grapes, porridge, apples.

High GI foods are fast burning and quickly turn to sugar so you’ll get an initial boost as the sugar gets into your blood then you’ll probably experience a trough. That means your energy ends up lower than it was originally. Examples of high GI foods are white rice, white bread, doughnuts.

4. Keep a positive attitude

Positive thoughts can add energy and it’s important to add to the mix. Even in difficult circumstances you can choose your attitude.

5. Exercise daily

Get out there on a daily basis. It really does help. I know you’ll be thinking “I’m too tired to do exercise” or “I don’t have enough energy”. When you exercise you will get a boost from your endorphins. You’ll feel refreshed and besides the exercise you may lose weight. It costs you extra energy to lug those extra pounds around.

6. Watch what you say

You may feel that sometimes your mouth has a mind of its own and you say things out of habit. For example, when someone asks you a question like “How are you?” you may answer “I’m ok” or “I’m hanging in there”. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You say it and you believe it to be true. It’s not a great way of energising yourself. Think yourself into a positive frame of mind – “I’m fabulous!”

7. Avoid energy vampires

You know the sort of people I mean. The people who suck the energy out of you and leave you feeling drained, even after five short minutes. However, some people are great to be with and they help keep your energy levels up. It probably works the other way too.

Have a look at who you come into contact with. Are they energy vampires or energy givers?

8. De-clutter your brain

Like a computer, your brain can end up storing lots of unwanted information it doesn’t really need. When your brain is overloaded with loads of information/dates/timetables etc it slows you down and dampens your creativity. How can you release this mental clutter? I make sure that specific dates and times are put in my diary and on my main calendar and key items are put on action lists. That frees my head up for other stuff.

9. Energise your brain

What do you do that stimulates your brain? Do you look at new stimulating content? Do you prefer to sit for a couple of hours and ‘chill’ watching the TV? There’s nothing wrong with watching TV. It’s a passive way of learning and not necessarily stimulating. You may have noticed huge chunks of time have disappeared and you haven’t done the things you meant to. If you feel you and your family watch to much TV or are involved in too much screen time then sign up for my free report. It will help you and your family reduce screen time in a pain less way.

10. De-clutter your environment

When you’ve got the energy you feel as though you can start to tackle jobs that had started to get you down.

In a busy house ‘stuff’ can get piled up and it gets cluttered. It’s great to pare things down and reorganise. I find it quite cathartic when one area has been de-cluttered. Start small and de-clutter something in 30 minutes. Notice the difference. Since blitzing and repainting the kitchen I’m on a mission to make sure one area doesn’t end up as a dumping ground again! A positive environment can give you a buzz and energy.

Ok, it’s over to you now. What works for you? Leave a comment below and let me know. Thanks. :-)

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Thursday’s Thoughts

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” Jesse Jackson

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Are You Freaking Out Yet? (Cos it’s nearly Christmas)

If you are – BREATHE and keep breathing.

As from today there are 18 days until THAT (Christmas) day is here! “Whoopee” you might say and others may say “I’ve still got sooooo much to do and I can’t do it in the time.”

I hope you’re still breathing…..

It’s time to take stock of where you are and what you need to do.

Take a huge brain dump either on the computer or write it down on paper (whatever takes your fancy). Get all the stuff out that’s clogging your brain up, out into the open, into the cold, hard light of day so you can really see what you’re up against. Come on, it’s not that bad – if it is, you’re allowed one more freak out before you get back to work.

Okay, remember to breathe ….. and back to work.

Organise your brain dump into manageable section e.g. food, presents, decorations and so on. Could be a good idea for you to work backwards from the big ‘C’ day and prioritise your stuff.

One thing I’ve found really successful is to have a family get together (usually about now), we get a few cookery books out and plan the meals we want to eat over the Christmas period and write a menu out. The recipes are looked at and inspected and the shopping list is born. I have the normal foods I shop for along with the new recipe items. At least this way I don’t forget anything. I also know early enough if anyone wants meat on the day and whilst its still fresh in my mind I can order it at the local butchers! I also make a note on the calendar and in my phone when to collect it from the butchers. I go for the ‘belts and braces’ approach because ultimately it saves a lot of hassle.

It’s quite useful to start non-perishable food shopping now. At least you can split the load, financially and weight wise. If you are really strapped for time, shop online and get the majority of non-perishables delivered straight to your door at a time convenient to you.

Make a list of the presents you’ve already got and the  ones still to get. If you haven’t got any yet, it’s now time to start that list. If you’re stuck, take an hour to flick through appropriate magazines or online stores for ideas. If your children are older perhaps they can help in this area?

Check the Christmas cards and wrapping paper situation. Do you have enough? Check sellotape too. You can never have enough of this. Of course check your battery store – you always need AA batteries! Make a mental, electronic or written note to buy cards, christmas crackers and paper when the sales are on. You’ll be super organised for next year won’t you?

If your children are young show them how to decorate the tree and let them help. Now I can let my kids loose on the tree and I know it’s going to be dressed well. Job done.

Again, remember to breathe. Your jobs will get done. I know you’d like them done sooner rather than last minute. Start the process now. Start the brain dump and get organised.

What’s your  best tip for getting sorted without stress in the lead up to Christmas? Let me know your thoughts.

Have fun.

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Thursday’s Thoughts

“Parenting is a stage of life’s journey where the milestones come about every fifty feet.” Robert Brault

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Parenting

There are many challenges when parenting your child. You might think you’ve got it all covered before your child arrives on the scene. With more than one child maybe these challenges are magnified……

I’ve got to start with the good – because there are heaps of excellent and astoundingly brilliant times. Sometimes though they can be overlooked by the bad times and totally over shadowed and eclipsed by the ugly times.

Read on to see what you think…and comment below about your Good, Bad and Ugly times.

The Good

  • the first smile you get – EVER!
  • having spontaneous cuddles (no matter what their age and sometimes where they are).
  • an immense sense of huge personal satisfaction (and an enormous smile) when your child achieves something which is hugely momentous to them.
  • saying ‘I love you’ to your child and they instantly light up when you say it to them. Particularly when they’re older and they say it to you first, totally unsolicited – gorgeous.
  • watching the first Christmas play – aahhh.
I could go on as there’s loads of fabulous stuff to write down. It’s  time to jump over to:
The Bad

  • working long hours at work and starting all over again when you come home.
  • lack of sleep – even on holiday too! :-(
  • have to take a tough or unpopular decision you know your child won’t like.
  • dealing with tantrums – at any time.
  • the silent treatment.

Okay you’ve looked at the bad, now let’s move onto the ugly stuff. You may think that the bad and the ugly stuff can be interchanged. Maybe it can be because everyone reacts to situations in different ways and your tolerance levels will vary. 

The Ugly

  • Guilt at having to go back to work (and leaving them in someone else’s care).
  • the constant accountability and potential stress within the family.
  • the ARGUMENTS. Need I say more?
  • your personal confidence can take a huge knock and nose dive.
  • ‘blowing up’ with the kids, Big Time style.
Ok that’s my take on the Good, Bad and Ugly of parenting. What’s yours?

Drop me a line and let me know.

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Thursday’s Thoughts

“Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.” David Bly

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Thursday’s Thoughts

“There is no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.” Dr. Who

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Relish the Joys of Parenthood

Parenting your children can be extremely stressful. It can be one of the most challenging and wonderful times of your life. It can bring its share of challenges, frustrations as well as fun and love. Yes, parenting has its good bits and not so good bits – it’s about making most of the gifts and benefits that comes with being a parent.

Have fun with them!

Having children brings with it lots of responsibility. Children are masters and experts at having fun.

Think about the last time your child was giggling so much at something really simple and you ended up with the giggles too. What about the wonder on your child’s face at the mountain of bubbles in the bath or the sheer joy of your teen who’s just passed their driving test for the first time.

You may take some of these events for granted and consider them mundane and everyday now. Just take a moment or two to take an opportunity to ‘look’ through your child’s eyes and experience some fun from their perspective.

Each age and stage has its moments – and silver linings

It can be frustrating when dealing with a toddler (or even teenager for that matter) who’s having a tantrum. Every age and stage can have negatives. It can also bring so many positives.

You may be wishing your child wouldn’t throw food, answer back, shout at you and you really, really want to fast forward to a place where these scenes didn’t happen. Maybe if you did that you might miss out on on the extra hugs, the brilliant smiles, the infectious laughs, the times when the proverbial ‘penny dropped’ and of course, the ‘I love you’.

Your second childhood cometh

You get to relive your childhood and you can do it your way! You can give your children the same wonderful experiences you had as a child and you can revisit and enjoy your memories as well as enjoying your children’s experiences. If your childhood wasn’t everything you wanted it to be, you can work on it to ensure you provide a better experience for your children. It can be a healing experience for you as well as a good one for them.

Roll back the years

You can relearn and experience the playfulness, gratitude, wonder and enjoy the days as your children see them. You can enjoy your life over again whilst your children are learning for the first time.

Time flies quickly

It can be overwhelming dealing with toddler tantrums and the ever increasing demands of teenagers. Enjoy, really enjoy the good times when they’re there and stop wishing away the not so good times. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time has passed by – you can’t get it back either.

Find a second wind for lots of patience, fun and firmness. They’re small for a fraction of the time and you’ll then be able to look back with fondness, lots of memories, enjoyment and nostalgia.

What do you relish about the joys of your parenthood? Let me know.

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