The Good, Bad and Ugly of Parenting

There are many challenges when parenting your child. You might think you’ve got it all covered before your child arrives on the scene. With more than one child maybe these challenges are magnified……

I’ve got to start with the good – because there are heaps of excellent and astoundingly brilliant times. Sometimes though they can be overlooked by the bad times and totally over shadowed and eclipsed by the ugly times.

Read on to see what you think…and comment below about your Good, Bad and Ugly times.

The Good

  • the first smile you get – EVER!
  • having spontaneous cuddles (no matter what their age and sometimes where they are).
  • an immense sense of huge personal satisfaction (and an enormous smile) when your child achieves something which is hugely momentous to them.
  • saying ‘I love you’ to your child and they instantly light up when you say it to them. Particularly when they’re older and they say it to you first, totally unsolicited – gorgeous.
  • watching the first Christmas play – aahhh.
I could go on as there’s loads of fabulous stuff to write down. It’s  time to jump over to:
The Bad

  • working long hours at work and starting all over again when you come home.
  • lack of sleep – even on holiday too! :-(
  • have to take a tough or unpopular decision you know your child won’t like.
  • dealing with tantrums – at any time.
  • the silent treatment.

Okay you’ve looked at the bad, now let’s move onto the ugly stuff. You may think that the bad and the ugly stuff can be interchanged. Maybe it can be because everyone reacts to situations in different ways and your tolerance levels will vary. 

The Ugly

  • Guilt at having to go back to work (and leaving them in someone else’s care).
  • the constant accountability and potential stress within the family.
  • the ARGUMENTS. Need I say more?
  • your personal confidence can take a huge knock and nose dive.
  • ‘blowing up’ with the kids, Big Time style.
Ok that’s my take on the Good, Bad and Ugly of parenting. What’s yours?

Drop me a line and let me know.

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