Parenting Learning Curves

I realised early on with my children I didn’t want to follow a strict routine nor did I want something that was all over the place. I wanted something that worked for me and my family. There was far too much information out there and I felt swamped by it all, so in the end I was very selective about what information I chose to implement.

My fabulous support was from a really good friend of mine. She was way ahead of me in the child rearing stakes – she already had four small children so was more than qualified to answer all my seemingly endless questions.

One tip she gave me, still on the theme of sleep, was to sleep when the baby/toddler slept and not to worry about the house work and other stuff. I duly did as was prescribed and found I could catnap or go into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds. I also found I was brilliant at doing ten minute ‘power naps’, particularly when the second and subsequent children came along.

Come on let me know – what’s your best tip for coping?

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