Relish the Joys of Parenthood

Parenting your children can be extremely stressful. It can be one of the most challenging and wonderful times of your life. It can bring its share of challenges, frustrations as well as fun and love. Yes, parenting has its good bits and not so good bits – it’s about making most of the gifts and benefits that comes with being a parent.

Have fun with them!

Having children brings with it lots of responsibility. Children are masters and experts at having fun.

Think about the last time your child was giggling so much at something really simple and you ended up with the giggles too. What about the wonder on your child’s face at the mountain of bubbles in the bath or the sheer joy of your teen who’s just passed their driving test for the first time.

You may take some of these events for granted and consider them mundane and everyday now. Just take a moment or two to take an opportunity to ‘look’ through your child’s eyes and experience some fun from their perspective.

Each age and stage has its moments – and silver linings

It can be frustrating when dealing with a toddler (or even teenager for that matter) who’s having a tantrum. Every age and stage can have negatives. It can also bring so many positives.

You may be wishing your child wouldn’t throw food, answer back, shout at you and you really, really want to fast forward to a place where these scenes didn’t happen. Maybe if you did that you might miss out on on the extra hugs, the brilliant smiles, the infectious laughs, the times when the proverbial ‘penny dropped’ and of course, the ‘I love you’.

Your second childhood cometh

You get to relive your childhood and you can do it your way! You can give your children the same wonderful experiences you had as a child and you can revisit and enjoy your memories as well as enjoying your children’s experiences. If your childhood wasn’t everything you wanted it to be, you can work on it to ensure you provide a better experience for your children. It can be a healing experience for you as well as a good one for them.

Roll back the years

You can relearn and experience the playfulness, gratitude, wonder and enjoy the days as your children see them. You can enjoy your life over again whilst your children are learning for the first time.

Time flies quickly

It can be overwhelming dealing with toddler tantrums and the ever increasing demands of teenagers. Enjoy, really enjoy the good times when they’re there and stop wishing away the not so good times. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time has passed by – you can’t get it back either.

Find a second wind for lots of patience, fun and firmness. They’re small for a fraction of the time and you’ll then be able to look back with fondness, lots of memories, enjoyment and nostalgia.

What do you relish about the joys of your parenthood? Let me know.

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